KeepUp has a bit of catching up to do

KeepUp is the APL’s attempt at adding value to the A-League using a broader football media strategy, we all understand the process is a work in progress but the current slate is more style over substance.

In my own experience KeepUp is currently only cutting through to existing A-League fans. Here are my thoughts to improve the app and the website.

Navigation is way too hard

The home page features illegible featured content with near invisible scrolling, awkward video navigation with that flows off screen, dark design with borderless content which disorientates users. Keep up needs to simplify it’s design like the AFL and Netflix websites – these sites use boxed content organised in consistently designed category sections that are easy to read and more user friendly. They also better use contract so it’s easy to read post titles.

Can you read the headline easily? Can you find the highlights navigator?

Unecessary dynamics

KeepUp features video preview resizing, a Power Ten slider which does not link to any content and section buttons that switch from Highlights to News. All of these features are unnecessary and can be scrapped, they confused and labour the KeepUp experience

Why am I clicking so many buttons?

The main menu is clunky

Design wise the menu is tough to use, content wise it’s hard to understand. The menu should be organised by type of content – NEWS – FEATURES – VIDEOS – PODCASTS – COMPETITIONS – MORE. By trying to cover all leagues/teams and content it does too much and ends up doing nothing. Only a single COMPETITIONS option allowing viewers to access basics of major comps would be ideal – As a viewer I select COMP > ALM and bang! News, Table, Fixtures in one place

Is this ALM or ALW?


As much as it tries KeepUp cannot compete with existing match data services, it is way easier to google Premier League than use the app.. and if you’ve seen the MLS table on the Website you’ll know what I mean. KeepUp needs to scrap the fixture bar. Highlights from other comps are also easily available on YouTube, so keep up either needs to be on point here with an easy to use video player – or focus on providing unique perspectives

Why bother??


Keep up needs to establish brands and we’re seeing the start of that with the A-League podcast, but I think integrating 10 and Paramount content into simple routine products will be improved over time – and then established in the form of a weekly cycle.

Wait… are we going to expect non A-Leagues podcasts too??

Bonus point

If possible, let’s have the ALW match moved to Saturday arvos on 10! Imagine a Saturday like this…

  • 3pm ALW
  • 5pm 10 News
  • 6pm A-Leagues Show
  • 7pm ALM

If nothing else, just simplify KeepUp! It’s trying to do too much, is hard to navigate and seems to be lacking substance or coordination at the moment.

I understand it’s a work in progress, but again let’s keep it simple! The APL has a lot of good will from hopeful A-League fans right now, but if it going to compete with global football media options it needs to at least present a clean, useful and usable product.

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