“Who did you catch it from” commissioned by Multicultural Broadcaster Board

A popular genealogy documentary series has just announced the launch of a COVID tracing spin-off.

“Who did you catch it from” is will follow COVID-positive Melbourne residents as they learn who they contracted the virus from.

Series producers have already indicated the surprising journeys are in store for viewers with global travel including to China and the US as well as extensive personal lineages going as far back as two months!

The multi-cultural broadcaster (MBS) will be looking forward to replicating the success of SBS’s “Who do you think you are”.

SBS’s show brought countless diverse stories to television including those of: Delta Goodrem, Kate Ceberano, Ita Butrose, Shane Bourne, John Wood, Adam Hills, John Howard, Amanda Keller, Lisa McCune, Dawn Fraser, Peter Garrett, Scott Cam and Bert Newton.


Multicultural (MBS) stakeholders will be happy to see the broadcaster’s charter fulfilled by bringing more people like this to television.

“Where did you catch it from” is also expected to improve sub-par communication with multicultural communities, as pointed out by SBS.

Prime-time television is severely lacking language diversity spiking an interest in independent ethnic newspapers, as pointed out by SBS.

This suggests a failure of the current multi-cultural communication strategy which includes under funding indigenous television, under funding multi-language radio, and limiting multi-language prime time programming to French art house cinema.

SBS VICELAND: Making sense of today's world for youth audiences ...

Government funded  multicultural broadcaster (…MBS) seem to favour cheap programming marketed to technologically inclined Youth or sponsor demographics.

However for the multicultural broadcaster (MBS) board, “Who did you catch it from” is exactly the kind of television multi-language elderly and new migrants need to fit in.


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