Competition vision a must for the FFA

Australian football is on the verge of significant change. Constitutional reform has made the FFA more representative, A-League independence has shifted management responsibilities to clubs and a rapidly changing media environment has put fundamental value sources at risk. As power dynamics shift so do the incentives of stakeholders. As the game’s protector in Australia, the FFA has a responsibility to ensure incentives of all stakeholders … Continue reading Competition vision a must for the FFA

The A-League is not independent of the Stakeholders

A-League clubs and the FFA have come to an agreement on A-League independence. This means that rather than the FFA continuing to manage A-League marketing and operations, a new independent company will do so. The Independent A-League Company will be jointly owned by the FFA (owns 20% of the Company) and the 12 A-League clubs (each own 6.67% of the company). As emotionally exhausted fans … Continue reading The A-League is not independent of the Stakeholders

The A-League’s most important metric

Not enough grassroots are connecting with the A-League Australian Football participation levels are at all-time highs, however A-League crowds and TV ratings have been falling. Despite marketing innovations including Star Wars Round, The Chase, VAR and Knockout Finals, the FFA have failed to engage grassroots fans with the A-League. Pressure is building from broadcasters and private investors to fix the League’s deteriorating metrics and the … Continue reading The A-League’s most important metric

How the FFA gave the Matildas Away

The Federal Election has been a cash bonanza for professional sports and just this month football got a slice of the election promise pie. At South Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium, current Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced a $15 million commitment to build a home for the Matildas alongside Peter Filopoulos a fresh football executive who has championed infrastructure since joining… Football Victoria? It seems a bit odd for … Continue reading How the FFA gave the Matildas Away

Honda’s New Australian Football Rules

In an A-League season high on debate and low on interest it has been impossible to ignore the focused and brilliant Keisuke Honda. Honda stands out as the league’s only foreign Asian player and the league’s biggest name, managing to attract interest for his dazzling performances on-field and for his insatiably competitive attitude off-field. A marquee in every sense of the word, Honda is proving … Continue reading Honda’s New Australian Football Rules

You have no choice in Rep Footy

Australian Football is the only professional sport in the world without some kind of representative competition for its best players. Even sports with similar concentrated dominance in their native markets, like Gaelic Football and American Football have county tournaments and all-star matches that offer an alternative to club competition. Representative sport creates heroes and stories in a way club sport doesn’t. Club sport is fluid … Continue reading You have no choice in Rep Footy