Fixing SBSTV: Welcome to the community

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are involved in local ethnic communities groups. Here they maintain and create culture though song, dance, sport, political activism and in countless other unique ways.

Similar to how Optus Sport, a newer online platform, embraces soccer clubs of ethnic heritage for their series Football Belongs, SBS has the opportunity to create a documentary series ornithological these vitally important cultural organisations… while they’re still here.

As communities assimilate the series would be of national significance to capture their stories and from a community perspective the series would help broaden these groups appeal, while also highlighting the common struggles and solutions they all face.

Whether it is how they engage newer members, to how they maintain their mother tongues a series putting these communities of different ethnic and migration origins on a level platform would benefit their organisations and enrich Australia’s understanding of the biggest hidden cultural movement the country has.

The many elderly who patron these clubs would be given a moment to share their language to Australia and their decedents who also patron these clubs would help us understand what the future of Australia’s ethnic communities would look like.

In Melbourne alone there are hundreds of diverse ethnic communities with active memberships and interesting stories waiting for a network to share them with Australia.

Hungarian - Magyar Social Club - Home | Facebook

A bit of context

Australia is a multicultural nation but even it’s multicultural broadcaster fails to support the nation’s fading diverse ethnic communities.

SBS radio does a wonderful job, day-time SBS Television broadcasts much loved news programs from around the world, but prime time SBS does not provide adequate multi-lingual programming.

The SBS board itself has faced criticism regarding their lack of diversity so as a participant of a non-English, non-Anglo community I thought I could offer my help to fix their Prime Time television problem in a series of short articles.

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